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We are a privately owned company founded in 1923. We started as a job shop making guards for machinery, hence the name Safety Guard Steel Fabricating. We progressed into a fabricator for steel mill catwalks and hoppers. When mills began to shut down in western Pennsylvania during the early 80's, Safety Guard Steel was transitioned, by its owners, Dave and Bill Campbell into a fabricator of bridge expansion dams and entered the bridge business. Today we fabricate Toothdams, plate dams, downspouting (steel and PVC), rolled beams, retaining walls, and various structural steel and aluminum products - for projects all over the tri-state area. 

As a 30 year AISC-certified and PADOT bulletin 15 plant, you can be confident that we are the premier custom fabrication shop in western Pennsylvania

Many of our AWS certified welders and fabricators have over 20 years of fabrication experience at our company and have the experience to know what to expect during fabrication projects.
    Our Staff

  • CEO - Dave Campbell
  • COO - Robert Campbell
  • Head of Purchasing - Amber Vogel
  • Plant Manager - Mike Eisel
  • Head of Quality control - Tim Ratay
  • Office guard dog - Jaxon 
Company Profile
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